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Bringing Location to the Web

The GeoWeb infrastructure provides an open, global, and scalable infrastructure for rapidly discovering information on the Internet associated with a specific latitude/longitude location. XML-based metadata records are distributed across the GeoWeb using the existing Domain Name System (DNS). Each metadata record describes an object, its geographic location, and links to actual data. Clients query the GeoWeb to discover relevant metadata and use Web-based or peer-to-peer communications to retrieve the actual data. For example, Internet-connected cell phones and car navigation systems will be able to discover up-to-the minute information about local traffic, shops, and restaurants, while real- time 3D graphics systems will let users literally see and navigate through a detailed virtual world.

Through SRI International's DARPA-sponsored Digital Earth Project, we are building the standards, tools, browsers, and infrastructure necessary to make the GeoWeb a reality.

As part of our development of the GeoWeb, we submitted an application to ICANN for a new top-level domain name called .geo. Information on this submission can also be found at this site.



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