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The Semantic Web Services arm of the DARPA Agent Markup Language (DAML) program has developed an OWL-based Web Service Ontology, OWL-S (formerly DAML-S), as well as supporting tools and agent technology to enable automation of services on the Semantic Web.

OWL-S supplies a core set of ontology concepts for describing the properties and capabilities of Web services in unambiguous, computer-intepretable form. OWL-S markup of Web services is designed to facilitate the automation of Web service tasks including automated Web service discovery, execution, interoperation, composition and execution monitoring.

Although OWL-S was initially developed under the auspices of the DAML program, there have been many contributors who were not part of that program, and the evolution of OWL-S has continued beyond the program's end.

Please note: when the DAML program ended, the OWL-S Web pages were hosted at http://www.daml.org/services/owl-s/. All pages on www.daml.org were frozen at that time. Since that time, the OWL-S pages have been maintained at SRI International (this site). Please refer to this site for the most up-to-date OWL-S pages.

Releases of DAML-S / OWL-S:

Mailing List

We encourage feedback from interested parties through the public www-ws@w3.org mailing list.

List archives, and information about subscribing, can be found at the www-ws@w3.org Archives.

In the past, the public list for discussing OWL-S was public-sws-ig@w3.org, which is archived here. (That list is not supposed to be used anymore, since the interest group activity has ended.)

The archives of the OWL-S Coalition private mailing list (members only, for administrative uses) are here.

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