SRI's Lessons Learned for Large-Scale DAML Content (HW3)

Experience and Issues

For this assignment we undertook to translate more than 6000 BibTex bibliography references into DAML. This will be a valuable resource for the DAML community, and the community of computer scientist in general. However, it turned out to be a massive enterprise.

First we developed Maude rewrite rules that express the relationship between BibTex bibliography references and the equivalent DAML representations, using the Publication.daml ontology. This was relatively easy and elegant.

However, it was first necessary to preprocess the BibTex entries into a form acceptable to Maude. For this purpose, we used the bibclean bibliography cleaning tool and the BibTex facilities of Emacs. We also considered Greg Ward's BibTex tool btool , but to use that it is necessary to be a skilled PERL programmer.

Much of the processing was interactive and, on a large database, very labor-intensive. Large bibliographies are compiled by many people who do not adhere to the requirements of any of the existing tools. To make a truly flexible and rugged tool to translate bibliographies into DAML, we would need to spend more time on the automation of the process.