DAML Annotated Web Pages

URL of annotated web page DAML annotation
Lauren Aaronson's Homepage aaronson-courseinfo.daml
Grit Denker's Homepage gritdenker-homepage.daml
Grit Denker's Publications 2000 web page gritdenker-publications2000.daml
Grit Denker's Professional Experience and Education web page gritdenker-profExpAndEdu.daml
Grit Denker's Stipends web page gritdenker-honorsAndStipends.daml
Grit Denker's Teaching web page gritdenker-instruction.daml
Jerry Hobbs' Homepage jerryhobbs-homepage.daml
Jose Meseguer's Homepage josemeseguer-homepage.daml
Srini Narayanan's Homepage srini-homepage.daml


Lessons Learned for DAML-ONT (Homework 1)

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