8) Plug-in updates


    Alpha 1.2: Comments for restrictions are fixed.  There was a bug related to the <rdf:Property> tag that caused a problem in Protege that is also fixed.  We are doing some further inquiring into whether there are any other tags that have different behavior if they are written with a different namespace (e.g. daml:Class and rdf:Class, daml:comment and rdf:comment), thus far we have encountered none, but if you know of any then please let us know. 

    If you are having a problem getting your ontology to load using Protege, be sure that you are using the Import command in the Projects menu to open it.  DO NOT use the Open command, or try to open the project files, these methods are not correct.


    Alpha 1.1:  Comments in instances are now functional.  In addition we have corrected an error brought to our attention by the Stanford Protege people.  Some users were having trouble using the plug-in with JDK 1.4.  Although we have been unable to replicate the error, we have fixed the problem according to their specifications.  (We are aware that putting comments in certain places are still causing problems.  We will have a fix regarding that shortly.)


    The last build of the plug-in mentioned that it supported multiple cardinality slots.  It did not, however, import them correctly.  This bug has been fixed in the latest build.  In addition, the <rdfs:comment> tag had not been supported for instances.  This is now available.  We are now beginning to number our releases to make it easier to inform you about the updates.  The latest release is being called Alpha1


    A new version for the plug-in has been released that handles instance.  If you download the latest plug-in version, make sure you have build 1040 or later of Protege version 1.8, since the plug-in only works correctly with that.


    In light of the newly discovered problem with namespaces, the default namespace and default for unspecified namespaces have been changed.