4. Loading existing DAML+OIL ontologies

    Important: You cannot use our plug-in to import ontology formats other than DAML+OIL and convert them into DAML+OIL.  The plug-in only reads DAML+OIL ontologies and allows only those to be manipulated and saved. 

To load in DAML+OIL ontologies written by hand, by another program, or previously with Protege, you must import it.

First select Import from the Project menu

Then select DAML+OIL and press OK.

Now press the addition sign over the "DAML Ontology file name" box, or type in the path of the .daml file you want to import.  Do not worry about giving a project file and also leave the instances box alone.  We do not make use of the instances files.  Our plug-in saves classes, properties, and instances in one file.  See also Saving your DAML+OIL ontology.

The file will load and a window containing all the relevant namespaces will also appear.