2. Getting Started

    In order to use the plug-in you must first have Protege-2000 v1.8 installed.  You need to download build 1040 or later!  If you haven't already done so you can get it from the Protege site.  There's material there to walk you through the installation process.  (It might also be a good idea to look at their user guide as a supplement to this one.)

    You will also need Java 1.1.8 or later installed. If you don't have it already then you can download the Java Virtual Machine at the same time you download Protege.  Select an installer that "includes Java VM."  Otherwise you can download Java from Sun's site.

    Make sure you have Protege-2000 version 1.8 installed before you continue.

Downloading the plug-in

The DAML+OIL plugin works only for the Protege versions 1.8 (build 1040 or later) and 1.9.
It does NOT work with newer versions of Protege.

    Current version: Alpha 1.2

    You'll need to download the file DAML_OIL_plugin.zip which contains these three files:

If you have the OWL plugin installed:

The RDF Backend (necessary for our DAML+OIL plugin) and the OWL Plugin are incompatible (if you have both of them installed). They use different versions of RDF parsers. The OWL Plugin uses the "Jena" parser from HP Labs and the RDF Backend uses the "RDF API" parser written by Sergey Melnik.

If you want to use the RDF Backend, you need to remove the OWL Plugin from your plugins directory.

If you use version 1.9 of Protege-2000

This version of Protege does not include the RDF backend. In version 1.8 and earlier
the RDF backend was part of the Protege distribution. This changed in v1.9 where it is no longer provided.
Since our plugin is based on the RDF backend, one needs the corresponding jar files.
Thus, you can run our plugin with the 1.9 version of Protege, if you download the rdf-api.jar and the rdf_backend.jar. As mentioned above downloading .jar files is not recommended with some browsers. These two .jar files are provided here in this zipped version rdf.zip


Placing files in the plug-ins folder

    Unzip DAML_OIL_plugin.zip placing the resulting files in the plugins folder inside the Protege-2000 directory. 


        Despite what you may have read  (i.e., on the Protege page about plug-ins), you do NOT need to modify the Protege manifest file in any way.  The daml.jar file was put together with its own manifest.mf file, so there is no need to alter the file in the meta-inf directory.

Archive of older versions

  For older versions of the plug-in, look in the archive.

Other plug-ins help

    For more information about plug-ins try the Protege-2000 Plug-ins page, or the Protege-2000 Plug-ins FAQ

    Nevertheless, you will find all information necessary to use the DAML+OIL plug-in on this site.