What time is coffee today? Thursday 1 Dec 2016?

coffee: the beginning of civilization! 
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Happy Birthday
Sarah Silverman, Woody Allen, Bette Midler, and Nikolay Ivanovich Lobachevsky [hey!]! Sarah SilvermanWoody AllenBette MidlerNikolay Ivanovich Lobachevsky
Nicholas Negroponte,Mary Martincyril ritchardZoe Kravitz [Mad Max: Fury Road],
Happy Birthday
Nicholas Negroponte, Mary Martin, Cyril Ritchard, and Zoe Kravitz [Mad Max: Fury Road]! Today is the 336th day of the year; there are 336 dimples on an American golf ball.

On this date
in 1913, the first US gas station opened, in Pittsburgh; it sold 30 gallons the first day, at 27 cents a gallon.
in 1947, G. H. Hardy died. (His number was up.)
in 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat.
---------------------------------------------------------------- Coffee today, Thursday (1 Dec 2016) at 3:30om---Early because of the AIC Face Recognition Seminar. (Coffee is normally Tuesday and Thursday at 4.) coffee: Home-roasted French Sulawesi, Sumatra, Java, Bali, New Guinea, Panama, Costa Rica, Kenya, Rwanda, and Ethiopia! Green beans from Sweet Maria's. antidote: panellets (Catalonion all-saints-day cookies). panellets (catalonian macaroon)
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moon sets at 7pm
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moon nearing venus:
moon near venus
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