What time is coffee today? Thursday, 16 February 2017?

science begins with coffee!
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Happy Birthday
Margaux Hemingway, Edgar Bergen, Patty Andrews, Sonny Bono, and Sarah Clarke[Twilight]! Margaux HemingwayEdgar Bergen,Patty AndrewsSonny Bono,Sarah Clarke [Twilight]
Jean-Marie HullotLisa Loring [Addams Family]Ice T,Katharine Cornell[Oldboy]Kim Jong Il,
Happy Birthday Jean-Marie Hullot,
Lisa Loring [Addams Family], Ice T, Katharine Cornell, and Kim Jong Il! Today is the 47th day of the year; 47 appears 47 times in the first thousand primes.
The 47 Society is an international interest-group that follows the occurrence and recurrence of the quintessential random number 47.

On this date in 1910, oral PhD exams were administered in Gottingen to Richard Courant by Hilbert (who left early), Voight (who did not appear), and Husserl (who arrived late); he passed.
in 1946, the first commercial helicopter, the Sikorsky S51, flew.
in 1953, artificial diamonds were first produced, in Sweden.
in 1968, the emergency telephone number 911 was established. in 1982, Sweden printed some stamps showing impossible objects.
impossible objects
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