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Happy Birthday Chloe Sevigny, Owen Wilson,  Imogene Coca, David Hemmings, Margaret Atwood, 

J. G. Ballard, Linda Evans, Alan Moore, Sojourner Truth, and W. S. Gilbert!

On this date in 2349BC, Noah's flood occurred (caused by a passing comet), according to Whiston.
in 1690, the word "catenary" was first used, by Huygens.
in 1928, Mickey Mouse appeared in Steamboat Willie. in 1963, push-button telephones were first employed.
in 1978, more than 900 died in the Jonestown, Guyana episode.

Happy Anniversary Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes!

Today is the 322nd day of the year; 322 is the 12th Lucas Number. The Lucas Sequence is similar to the Fibonacci sequence with L(1) = 1 and L(2) = 3 and each term is the sum of the two previous terms. L(n) is also the integer nearest to ϕn.
322 is smallest number whose square has 6 different digits (103684).
---------------------------------------------------------------- Coffee today, Tuesday (18 November 2014) at 4pm. (Coffee is normally Tuesday and Thursday at 4.) coffee: Home-roasted French Sulawesi, Sumatra, Panama, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Ethiopia! Green beans from Sweet Maria's. antidote: public-key lime quads. public-key lime quads
stream of forgotten antidotes. Gastronomic and historic photos, and recipes. Directions, and other Useful Facts. Dial ext. 2216 from the SRI Building E Lobby. Artificial Intelligence Center: EK292 (Richard Waldinger's office). ----------------------------------------------------------------


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