What time is coffee today (28 April 2016)?

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Happy Birthday
Kurt Godel [L], Harper Lee [with Truman Capote], Karl Kraus, and Elisabeth Rohm! Kurt GodelHarper LeeKarl KrausElisabeth Rohm
Penelope CruzTerry Pratchett,Ann MargretIan RankinDiane Johnson
Happy Birthday Penelope Cruz, Terry Pratchett, Ann Margret, Ian Rankin, and Diane Johnson!
Happy Cubicle and Biological Clock Day!

Today is the 119th day of the year; the largest amount of money one can have in coins without being able to make change for a dollar is 119 cents. (?)

 On this date in 1664, Trinity College, Cambridge, student Isaac Newton received a scholarship so he could quit his job cleaning the rooms of wealthier students.
in 1789, the crew of the Bounty mutineed, setting Capt. Bligh and 18 others adrift.
in 1919, the first jump from a "free parachute," in which the operator jumps before pulling the ripcord, was made.
in 1947, the Kon Tiki left Peru for Polynesia.
in 1953, a patent was issued for an overcoat for two people.
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