What time is coffee today?  Thursday, 23 May 2019?

coffee and consciousness
coffee, gateway to consciousness! by the time the coffee invitation comes out, it's too late! www.ai.sri.com/coffee/invitation.html

Happy Birthday Joan Crawford, Artie Shaw, Margaret Wise Brown, Margaret Wise Brown [Goodnight Moon], Joshua Lederberg [ w. Bruce Buchanan, Georgia Sutherland, Ed Feigenbaum. L; and Dennis Smith
, R], and Melissa McBride [The Walking Dead]! Joan Crawford,artie shawMargaret Wise Brown,Joshua Lederberg,Melissa McBride [The Walking Dead],
Ken Jennings,Rosemary ClooneyAnatoly Karpov,Joan Collins,Robert Moog,Alicia de Larrocha
Happy Birthday Ken Jennings, Rosemary Clooney [w. Martin and Lewis], Anatoly Karpov, Joan Collins, Robert Moog, and Alicia de Larrocha!

Which two birthday celebrants are both known for performing a song written by a cousin of William Saroyan who also appeared in Hitchcock's Rear Window.
Which depicted person worked at the AI Center at SRI?
Happy World Turtle Day!

Today is the 143rd day of the year; there are 143 three-digit primes.

On this date
 in 1701, Capt. Kidd was hanged in London.
in 1775, Ben Franklin created and used a pair of bifocals. in 1905. 1911, 1916, and 1922, Thomas Edison was awarded four patents, respectively.
in 1994, Sun Microsystems announced the development of the Java programming language.
in 1934, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were shot to death in a police ambush in Bienville Parish, LA.
in 2015, John Nash and his wife Alicia died in a taxi that crashed on the New Jersey Turnpike.

Coffee today, Thursday (23 May 2019) at 4pm.  (Coffee is normally Tuesday and Thursday at 4.)
coffee: Home-roasted French Sulawesi, Sumatra, Flores, Myammar, Kenya, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Ethiopia! Green beans from Sweet Maria's.

antidote: almond chocolate-chip cookies.
almond chocolate-chip cookies
stream of forgotten antidotes Gastronomic and historic photos, and recipes. Directions, Map, and other Useful Facts. Come to Building E (not the main building). Dial ext. 2216 from the lobby to be admitted. Artificial Intelligence Center: EK292 (Richard Waldinger's office).

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