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Happy Birthday Davy Crockett, Maureen O'Hara,
Larry Ellison, Giuliana Rancic [journalist], Robert De Niro, and Paige [wrestler]! Davy CrockettMaureen O'Hara,Larry EllisonGiuliana Rancic [journalist]Robert De NiroPaige [wrestler]
Mae West,Mike ShubRachel Hurd-Wood,Jonathan FranzenElinor Smith,Ted Hughes
Happy Birthday Mae West,
Mike Shub (real computability), Rachel Hurd-Wood, Jonathan Franzen, Elinor Smith, and Ted Hughes!
Today is the 229th day of the year; 229 is the difference between 3³ and 4⁴.

On this date
in 1877, Asaph Hall discovered Phobos, the second moon of Mars.
in 1896, Mrs Bridget Driscol was killed by an autombile going 4 miles per hour. Fist UK pedestrian auto casualty.
in 1915, busninessman Leo Frank was lynched for his alleged murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan (he was innocent).
 in 1941, Herbert Robbins discovered that his co-author Richard Courant had omitted Robbins's name from the cover page of their joint book, What is Mathematics?
in 1978, the Double Eagle II balloon crossed the Atlantic.
in 1982, the first commercial compact discs were manufactured.
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