What time is coffee today?  Thursday, 16 January 2020?

Machines will never attain consciousness until they start to drink coffee;
after all, humans don't.
 sleeping woman missing some pictures? try clicking here: www.ai.sri.com/coffee/invitation.html

Happy Birthday Lin-Manuel Miranda, Katharine Graham [with Truman Capote], Frank J. Zamboni [L], Dian Fossey, and Dizzy Dean,! 
Lin-Manuel Miranda,Katharine Graham,Frank J. Zamboni,Dian Fossey,Dizzy Dean,
Susan Sontag,John Carpenter,Kate Moss,James May, Top Gear,Sade
Happy Birthday Susan Sontag, John Carpenter [Halloween], Kate Moss, James May [Top Gear], and Sade!

Trivia: Who said "I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list."

Happy Nothing Day!

Today is the 16th day of the year; 16 is the only number that can be written as ab = ba where a and b are not equal.

On this date in 1910, Richard Courant passed his PhD orals. (Of his committee, Hilbert arrived early, chatted, but asked no questions; Husserl arrived 40 minutes late, and asked one question; and Voight did not show up at all.)
in 1913, Ramanujan sent a letter to G. H. Hardy that contained, without proof, 120 new theorems.
in 1920 (a century ago), the US went Dry (Prohibition started). in 2004, a 120+ pound blue catfish was caught in Texas.

Coffee today, Thursday (16 Jan 2020) at 4pm.  (Coffee is normally Tuesday and Thursday at 4.)
coffee: Home-roasted French Sulawesi, Sumatra, Java, New Guinea, Mocha Kadir, Ethiopia, Kenya, Panama, and Costa Rica! Green beans from Sweet Maria's.

antidote: almond macaron quads with meyer lemon filling 
Thanks to Nora Raggio for Meyer Lemons;
and thanks to Pippa for supervision.
almond macaron quads with meyer-lemon filling
stream of forgotten antidotes Gastronomic and historic photos, and recipes. Directions, Map, and other Useful Facts. SRI International, 333 Ravenswood Avenue, Menlo Park, CA. Come to Building E (not the main building). Dial ext. 2216 from the lobby to be admitted. Artificial Intelligence Center: EK292 (Richard Waldinger's office).

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That star near the moon in the morning is Spica. moon near spica
from earthsky.org/tonight pastry
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