What time is coffee today? 27 June 2017?

“Coffee is a way of stealing time that should by rights belong to your older self.” 
― Terry Pratchett

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Happy Birthday Tobey Maguire [R], Khloe Kardashian,
Augustus De Morgan [invented /], Vera Wang, and Tony Leung!
Tobey MaguireKhloe Kardashian,Augustus De Morgan,Vera WangTony Leung
Isabelle Adjani,Bob Keeshan {Captain Kangaroo],Alice McDermott,J. J. Abrams,Emma Goldman
Happy Birthday Isabelle Adjani, Bob Keeshan [Captain Kangaroo and Clarabelle], Alice McDermott, J. J. Abrams, and Emma Goldman! Today is the 178th day of the year; 178 is a palindrome in base 6, [454]6 and in base 8, [262]8 .
Happy Sunglasses Day!

On this date
in 1831, Sophie Germain died before she could receive her honorary doctorate from Gottingen.
in 1847, Boston and New York were linked by telegraph wires. in 1908, the academy of sciences of Gottingen announced a prize of one hundred thousand marks for the proof of Fermat’s last theorem
in 1967, Barclay's Bank employed an ATM machine in London.
in 1980, Creighton Carvello recited 20,013 digits of π (pi) from memory in nine hours and one minute.
---------------------------------------------------------------- Coffee today, Tuesday (27 June 2017) at 4pm. (Coffee is normally Tuesday and Thursday at 4.) coffee: Home-roasted French Sulawesi, Sumatra, Java, Timor, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Burundi, Tanzania, and Ethiopia! Green beans from Sweet Maria's. antidote: zen ultimate chocolate chewies. zen ultimate chocolate chewies
stream of forgotten antidotes Gastronomic and historic photos, and recipes. Directions, and other Useful Facts. Come to Building E (not the main building). Dial ext. 2216 from the lobby to be admitted. Artificial Intelligence Center: EK292 (Richard Waldinger's office). ----------------------------------------------------------------
moon sets at 11:37pm: moon sets at 11:37pm
from wunderground.com.
moon near regulus! moon nrear regulus
from earthsky.org/tonight cousins
from postsecret. Don't support addictive psychoactive drugs!
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