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coffee and the birth of civilization
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Happy Birthday
Patricia Highsmith, Richard Lester [Center], Janis Joplin, Dogen [1st Patriarch of Soto Zen], and Tippi Hedren,! Patricia HighsmithRichard Lester,Janis JoplinDogen [1st Patriarch of Soto Zen]Tippi Hedren,
Edgar Allan PoeCindy ShermanJulian BarnesDolly PartonRobert E. LeeUrsula AndressThomas KinkadePaula Deen
Happy Birthday Edgar Allan Poe, Cindy Sherman, Julian Barnes, Dolly Parton, Robert E. Lee, Ursula Andress, Thomas Kinkade, and Paula Deen!
Happy Popcorn Day!

Today is the 19th day of the year; 19 is the smallest base ten number that is NOT a palindrome in any base 2≤b≤10. it is also the first palindrome (with more than one character) in Roman numerals, XIX.
On this date in 1894, Sir James Dewar demoed liquid and solid air before the Royal Institution.
in 1915, the neon sign was patented.
neon sign
in 1937, Howard Hughes flew from LA to Newark in less than 7.5 hours, a record.
in 1983, Apple announced the Lisa. in 2016, the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search reported the discovery of a new largest prime number, 274,207,281 -1. The number has 22 million digits +. (Actually, the computer at the University of Central Missouri had discovered the prime in September, but no human had noticed until Jan 7).
---------------------------------------------------------------- Coffee today, Thursday (19 Jan 2017) at 3:30pm---EARLY to accommodate the Steve Weinstein seminar on the benefits of noise. (Coffee is normally Tuesday and Thursday at 4.) coffee: Home-roasted French Sulawesi, Sumatra, Java, E. Timor, Panama, Costa Rica, Kenya, Brazil, and Ethiopia! Green beans from Sweet Maria's. antidote: chocolate-chip mexican wedding cookies . IMG_0191
stream of forgotten antidotes Gastronomic and historic photos, and recipes. Directions, and other Useful Facts. Come to Building E (closer than Building A). Dial ext. 2216 from the lobby to be admitted. Artificial Intelligence Center: EK292 (Richard Waldinger's office). ----------------------------------------------------------------
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