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Technical Design
This page is a repository for all the members of this project to help them being in sync with SRI's development environment.
To manage the software on the robots, we initially install Debian Linux using a local mirror of the Debian repository and FAI (Fully Automatic Installation). The local mirror was installed using the Debian package 'debmirror'.

Our mirror is updated nightly and FAI is set up to use the mirror when updating packages. Since we have two separate types of robots, we use FAI's classes and hooks facilities to create two separate installations. This allows fine grained control over installation of things such as: the kernel image, the X configuration files, the hard drive partitioning scheme, the packages to install, the network configuration and the serial port configuration. Since packages often change, the systems are kept up-to-date using the usual Debian facilities (apt and its front ends). In addition, locally developed software is managed using CVS.

 Quick Facts
How long does it take to map?
How many mappers do we need?
How frequently the robots break?
How large is the area for demo-II?
How many robots do you need for the final demo?
How long does it take to charge the robot?
How long does it take to discharge the robot?
How many can use at any given time?
How much power does the computer use?
What type of batteries do you have ?
  Building robots
Building robots can be a fun activities, here some tips learn the hard way.
  1. Introduction 
  2. The robots
    1. - Amigobot 
    2. - Pioneer 2 (AT or DX) 
  3. Sensors 
    1. - Laser Range Finder SICK 200 
    2. - Sonar 
    3. - Cameras 
      1. - Logitech Pro 3000 
      2. - Logitech Pro 4000 
      3. - Unibrain Fire-1
  4. Computers 
    1. - VersaLogic VSBC-8 
    2. - VersaLogic VSBC-6 
    3. - Epia M9000 
    4. - Epia 5000
    5. - Wireless 
      1. Orinoco card 
      2. Netgear M101
  5. Software
    1. - Aria 
    2. - Saphira 
    3. - Localization 
    4. - Path planning (gradient) 
    5. - Map exploration
    6. - DCAM 
    7. - Video compression 
    8. - Quick Mono Camera Tracke
    9. - Color Tracker ACTS 
    10. - Behaviors 
    11. - TBRPF 
    12. - Jini services
      1. - Centibots Operator Interface
      2. - Map Publisher
      3. - Spatial Reasoning Tool
      4. - Taxi dispatcher
  6. Breakup log
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