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The Robots
January 2003 demo 5 robots mapping the AIC (150Mb - .mov file)
Demo 1 (small - .mov file)
Demo 1 (large - .mov file)
Demo 1 (small - .avi file)
Tech TV video Centibots on Tech TV (.mov file)
Centibots on Tech TV (.avi file)
July 2003 demo Robots mapping (.avi file)
Demo 2 (small - .mov file)
VIA movie VIA shows Centibots (.wmv file)
LinuxWorld demonstration (.wmv file)
CNN CNN with the Centibots (.wmv file)
January 2004 demo Demo 3 (small - .mov file)[32Mb]
Demo 3 (large - .avi DivX file)[130Mb]
Robots mapping (team, common start)
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