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 July 2003
Centibots demo II mapping
The animation shows the process by which the Pioneer AT robots create a map. The map is the result of running a robot 5 separate times as if 5
robots were creating the map together. About every half-meter, the robot records points from the laser range finder (LRF) and the raw encoder
position (i.e. where the robots thinks it is based solely on wheel rotations). The green arrows represent raw encoder positions. As you can
see, robots incur a lot of error during the course of a run. The points, knowns as "scans", are matched against one another using correlation
techniques. The scans fit together like puzzle pieces and the result is the map you see. The red arrows represent corrected pose information
after doing scan matching.
This work was supported by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in the Software for Distributed Robotics (SDR) program, under agreement numbers NBCHC020073/0005.
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