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XML Collections

XML Groves

The "grove/property set" concept is the theoretical basis of the state of the art in information component addressing, formatting, and re-use. In the case of an XML or SGML document, the parser produces a "grove" as the result of the parsing process. The grove is a set of objects ("nodes") bearing certain relationships to one another, expressed as "property values".

Metadata / Schema

SHOE (Simple HTML Ontology Extensions)


RDF Collections


MCF was a predecessor to RDF, from Guha (who worked with Doug Lenat at CYC, then at Apple, then Netscape).


The Web Interface Definition Language is "... a meta-data syntax implemented in XML that defines Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to web data and services", developed by webMethods for their automation technology.

Topic Maps (XTM)

TopicMaps are likely to be an important contribution to the meta-space.  They are an existing standard based on SGML, now being ported to XML.  Jack Park (of VerticalNet) is working with the XML organizations to do this.  Topic Maps are also related to conceptual graphs (CG) and category theory (


XML Metadata Interchange (XMI), a new OMG standard, unites the Extensible Markup Language (XML) with the OMG's Universal Markup Language (UML) and Meta Object Facility (MOF) so meta data can be described in UML, stored in MOF, and exchanged among tools and repositories via XML, according to OMG officials.   XMI can be used for representing processes.

Java Metadata API Specification

Ontology Editors/Creation Tools

There are a number of different ontology creation tools available, and links to some of these appear below. In addition, a paper that reviews six different ontological engineering tools, including Ontolingua, can be found at the site of WonderTools, a group in the Social Science Informatics department at the University of Amsterdam.





Resource links have been contributed by a number of folks within the Artifactory research group at SRI. In addition, a special thanks is due to Adam Cheyer and the Advanced Products & Research team at VerticalNet, for numerous contributions in several areas.

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