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B-format to Binaural

Some time ago we created a first-order Ambisonic to binaural transcoder plug-in. It was not a purpose-built converter but rather an offshoot of the binaural testing of ambisonic reproduction systems that we have been conducting. We have occasionally used a spherical head model in order to calculate the associated ITDs and ILDs associated with a particular arrangement of loudspeakers. This is essentially the same thing as using the paradigm of a virtual head in a virtual loudspeaker array. When we listened to the resultant impulse responses, they sounded fairly good. There is the limitation that it is presently first-order and horizontal only and works at 48 kHz sample rate only. We've wrapped those impulse responses in simple convolver plugin written in Faust and provide precompiled VST versions of the plugin. It can be compiled for other architectures using the
online Faust compiler. We include an Ambisonic panner and pink noise source that can be used for testing. If you use it, we'd appreciate hearing back from you as to how it worked.
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