Semantic Web Services:
Preparing to Meet the World of Business Applications

a workshop at

The Third International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2004)

Monday, November 8, 2004

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The workshop was held on Nov. 8 in Hiroshima, and was a great success. As of Oct. 30, we had 66 preregistered attendees, by far the largest group of all the workshops. Thanks to our invited speaker, and to all the authors for producing such a high quality collection of papers!

The papers have been made available in the form of an online proceedings hosted at CEUR.

In addition, some of the presentation slides are now available from our agenda page.

Brief Description

Significant work has already been done in this decade on Semantic Web services (SWS), and a large body of relevant work exists from earlier decades, in fields such as knowledge representation, planning, agent-based systems, databases, programming languages, and software engineering. Nevertheless many difficult research challenges remain, and much work is needed to adapt relevant existing technologies to the context of Web services and the Semantic Web, and to prepare the more mature languages, capabilities and architectures for widespread deployment.

This workshop will provide a forum in which to focus on selected core technical challenges for deployment of SWS; provide guidance to early adopters of Semantic Web services technology, particularly in the business community; and facilitate the formation of new communities of SWS users.

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